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Naturally Clean and protected! What about this crazy CoronaVirus Scare

Naturally Clean and protected! What about this crazy CoronaVirus Scare

Melinda Lucas on Mar 12th 2020

Proven Ways to Use Outlaw Oil to Make your Home Blissfully Clean

After taking those baby steps and learning more and more about ways that I could eliminate chemicals from our lives and replace them with wholesome items, I came across essential oils.

What Are Essential Oils?

You may not realize this but essential oils have been used by our ancestors for thousands of years. They were used for many different purposes such as dietary, spiritual, cosmetic, and even religious use.

In fact, you might remember the Bible scripture where the three wise men brought essential oils of Frankincense and Myrrh to the newborn baby Jesus. And there are many other references in our scriptures talking about how essential oils were given as gifts and also used for anointing and healing the sick.

So what are essential oils?

Essential oils are the oils that are extracted through steam distillation, resin tapping, and cold pressing. They are nature’s purest essence. Basically, they are the life force of the plant they are extracted from.

Outlaw Oil Essential Oils Blend

Outlaw Oil is a powerful blend made by Red Dirt Soap (the purest essential oils company)

It is made up of a combination of Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus Radiata, and Rosemary essential oils. Outlaw Oil has a very spicy and rich aroma and has an amazing cleaning power that is even better than the top cleaning products on the market.

So here are all the ways you can use Outlaw Oil Essential oil in your home and around your family.

  • 1. All-Purpose Spray

Okay, I have to admit, I have always made my own all-purpose spray for cleaning around the house, but when I first used Outlaw Oil on my kitchen countertops, I was hooked.

How to Make Outlaw Oil All-Purpose Spray

2 oz. glass spray bottle (like this one)

10-15 drops of Outlaw Oil Essential Oil (get it here)


In a clean glass spray bottle, add 10-15 drops of Outlaw Oil Essential Oil. Next, fill the rest of the way with water. Lastly, add your spray top back on.

  • 2. Floor Cleaner

Did you know that your feet can absorb floor cleaners in your home? It literally takes seconds. Unlike the digestive system, the skin has no safeguards against toxins. Absorbed chemicals go straight to our organs.

Now if you think about all of the ingredients that are in your typical floor cleaner you come up with – Phthalates, Triclosan, Quaternary Ammonium Compounds, or “QUATS”, 2-Butoxyethanol, Ammonia, Sodium Hydroxide, chlorine, just to name a few.

Sounds scary right? These chemicals are horribly scary. And you may think that your children and pets are not exposed to it but they are. Every time they walk barefoot across the kitchen floor you just mopped their feet are absorbing the ingredients from the cleaner you just used.

How to Make Outlaw Oil Floor Cleaner

In a bucket of water add 6 drops of Outlaw Oil Essential Oil and then mop as usual. I also use a spray mop that has a refillable bottle attached – like this one.

You can use the same recipe and then instead of having a bucket of water, fill up the bottle until it is almost full and add 3 drops of Outlaw Oil to the bottle. Then replace the bottle to your spray mop and clean your floor as usual.

  • 3. Hand Soap

Are you one of the people who like to buy hand soaps that are labeled “antibacterial” to help keep your hands germ-free? That could be just the problem. Those hand soaps are filled with the chemicals that I listed above. There is a much better way to get rid of germs. Just use Outlaw Oi.

How to Make Outlaw Oil Hand Soap

1 Glass pump bottle (like these)

1/2 cup of All Purpose Soap

1/2 cup of water

7 drops of Outlaw Oil Essential Oil. – (get it here)

Mix all of the ingredients together and place them in a glass pump bottle to make your very own Outlaw Oil hand soap full of wholesome ingredients.

  • 4. Laundry Scent Booster

When I first started making my own homemade laundry soap, my husband complained about the clothes not having a fresh scent anymore. So I found out that you could add any essential oils to your wool dryer balls and they act as a laundry refresher.

How to Make Laundry Booster

2-3 Wool Dryer Balls

-3 drops of Outlaw Oil or another essential oil (get it here)

Just put a few drops of Outlaw Oil on each dryer ball and toss them into the dryer. That’s it.

  • 5. Air Disinfectant

Anytime someone in my house gets sick, I make sure to disinfect my home by putting a few drops of Outlaw Oil Essential Oil in my diffuser and letting it fill my entire home. This is a super-effective way to clean and disinfect the air in your home naturally.

How to Diffuse Essential Oils

Diffuser from Red Dirt Soap – (get yours here)

3-4 drops Outlaw Oil Essential Oils (buy it here)

  • 6. Immunity Support

Speaking of getting sick. When you are just getting better after being sick you might need a little immunity support to help your body bounce back. That’s where Outlaw Oil is amazing. Just rub diluted Outlaw Oil Essential Oil on the bottom of your feet to support a healthy immune system.

I also like to make my own roller bottles already diluted to make applying easy.

How to Make Outlaw Oil Roller Bottle

Glass Roller Bottle

fill 1/5 of the bottle with Outlaw Oil Essential Oil (get it here)

fill the remainder 4/5 of the bottle with fractioned coconut oil

I love how awesome Outlaw Oil is at preventing bacteria growth don’t you want to know how to clean with it!?! Of course you do!

One of the main reasons everyone should add Outlaw Oil oil to their own collection is because of it’s ability to prohibit bacteria and fungal growth as well as its immune enhancing properties and the variety of ways it can be used to disinfect and clean! Cleaning products is one of the biggest ways toxic chemicals enter into our home. Red Dirt Soap makes a concentrated Outlaw Oil cleaner that many people swear by and I’m sure it’s an amazing product! But before I spent my money on a product that I wasn’t sure you will love it, you can buy a small 1 oz of cleaner or 10ml of pure outlaw oil to try for yourself. There are dozens of DIY Cleaner recipes out there (you can use any of the thieves oil cleaners recipes). If you want to create an “all purpose” and could be used in both the kitchen and bathroom so I modified several recipes to come up with my own. Although Outlaw Oil and water would be sufficient to create a disinfecting spray cleaner, I chose to include vinegar and tea tree oil in my cleaner to provide additional mildew killing power for use in the bathroom. This is a great recipe I use.

  • DIY Outlaw Oil Cleaner:

1 all-purpose empty spray bottle – I bought my at the Dollar Tree, they have 22 oz fill-lines or can be filled even further if you fill up into the neck of the bottle*

1 cup distilled white vinegar (DWV)

2 cups distilled water – I actually used bottled water, although all recipes call for distilled**

10 drops each of Outlaw Oil oil and Tea Tree (Melaleuca Alternifolia) oil(buy them here)

* Most essential oil recipes call for glass bottles because the essential oils can breakdown the plastic over time. Also, amber glass protects the integrity of the essential oils. I elected to use plastic because it was what I had on hand and was less likely to get broken if dropped.

** As near as I can tell the biggest issue with water in recipes is that tap water has bacteria in it that can create additional bacteria growth in your DIY products. There doesn’t appear to be a great deal of difference between distilled and purified bottled water as both will reduce contaminants in your recipes. And lets face it, most of us have bottled water on hand and very few of us keep distilled water. I didn’t want to run to the store so I elected to use bottled water. For more on using water in DIY recipes, check out Crunchy Betty’s “DIY 101: Working with Water.”

You may consider cutting down the amount of vinegar in future batches to see if it’s less offensive. Also adding lemon or orange essential oils may be another option to make it smell better while also boosting cleaning power. Play around with ratios and let me know what works best for you!

Basic Outlaw Oil Cleaner:

1 drop of Outlaw Oil essential oil for each ounce of water


1 drop for every ½ ounce of water (for a stronger solution)

  • Variation 1: Makes 8 oz.

½ cup water

½ cup white vinegar

8-16 drops Outlaw Oil essential oil (get it here)

  • Variation 2: Makes 8 oz.

1 cup water

2 teaspoons All Purpose Soap

8-16 drops Outlaw Oil essential oil (get it here)


Pour Outlaw Oil essential oil into a dark glass spray bottle.

Add remaining ingredients.

Shake well before use.

Store in a cool, dark place.

Do you clean with Outlaw Oil or do you have another all natural DIY cleaner recipe that you love? Share your thoughts

Uses for Outlaw Oil Essential Oil:


Outlaw Oil essential oil and cleaner can be used to clean counter tops and floors helps keep the air in your home clean and fresh safe to use in cleaning pet cages and spaces Outlaw Oil dish soap is perfect for hand scrubbing dirty dishes without chemicals perfect for cleaning and freshening bathrooms put a few drops in your dishwasher use Outlaw Oil wipes on shopping carts before putting your children in them Outlaw Oil wipes can also be used to easily clean vehicle interiors, and it won’t damage your interior like other commercial wipes!

Around The House add a few drops of Outlaw Oil essential oil on a wool dryer ball for fresh laundry and also try the Outlaw Oil laundry soap repel spiders and bugs by adding 8-10 drops to a water bottle and spray around the house diffuse to get rid of foul smells 3-5 drops in your pedicure bath water help keep your feet and nails healthy and clean a few drops can help remove crayon and marker off of walls use 1-3 drops of Outlaw Oil oil on your vacuum filter, to freshen carpets add a damp cloth with Outlaw Oil oil on it by your return vent in your home. It will freshen and purify the air throughout your entire house.

Health diffuse to help keep your entire family healthy use one drop on the roof of your mouth to help ease head tension a few drops of Outlaw Oil Vitality in an oil capsule taken with water will help strengthen the immune system use Outlaw Oil toothpaste, mouthwash, and floss to help keep your mouth, teeth, and gums healthy rub a few drops of oil diluted on the bottoms of your feet for added immune protection use Outlaw Oil Hard Lozenges for help with a sore throat add 1 drop Outlaw Oil and 1 drop Peppermint in your palms, then take a few deep breaths for respiratory support put a drop on the butt of your cigarette before lighting up!

  • Outlaw Oil Soft Scrub

What you will need:

3 cups Baking Soda

3/4 cup Outlaw Oil Household Cleaner

1 Tbsp Distilled Vinegar

30 drops Red Dirt Soap Lemon Essential oil (Learn more about why we only use Red Dirt Soap Essential Oils HERE)


In a large glass bowl, add your Outlaw Oil Household cleaner, vinegar and Lemon essential oil.

Then slowly add your baking soda, stirring to combine.

Once completely mixed through, transfer to your desired container. I recycled my old honey jar. It fit perfectly. You could even use an old soap dish bottle. (However you may need to add a bit of water to thin it enough to squirt through the top)

Use wherever a little more scrubbing action is needed. 

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