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​Why Use Red Dirt Soap Products

​Why Use Red Dirt Soap Products

Melinda Lucas on Jun 27th 2021

Why Use Red Dirt Soap Products

Our products are made from only the finest natural plant oils and butters. There is no petroleum, alcohols, chemicals, or manmade substances in our products. God created everything we could ever need and placed in here for us to use. We research daily to find the things that would help each and every type of problem with only using what God gave us. We strive for perfection and helping others overcome their skin problems naturally. Our goal is to help you and your loved ones in healing and preventing skin problems without using chemicals that could cause greater problems later in life. Have you ever noticed the side effects of prescription skincare products? Most of them can cause serious problems to your body. Such as liver damage, kidney damage, even leukemia and this is just a few of them. That is not what we want to happen. We want to help you with Gods gifts. We are not trying to scare you into buying. We only want to give you a few facts. We encourage each and every one of you to do your own research. Check out your own prescriptions. See what could possible happen with using them. Now we understand some people are allergic to natural oils. We have found that most of that is usually either by ingestion or in large amounts such at using it straight without other oils involved. If you think you may be allergic to an ingredient in one of our products we will be more than happy to let you try some to see if it effect you. Or if you want to place an order online and would like a sample of something specific just let us know. We have found most customers that may be allergic to something used in our products do not have a problem. Maybe it is because it is combined with other ingredients, or maybe it's because their reaction is more from ingestion, or maybe it's really more of the chemicals that are usually added that they are allergic to, or maybe it's because God has hand in very product we make. We really don't know for sure. You see, not all natural oils are truly natural. It also depends on how it was processed. It may have been chemically processed. If so then it will have chemicals in it. We only use naturally processed plant oils. All of our products are also handmade. There is not big factory that makes them, we do it all - from beginning to end.

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