Custom Loaf of Soap

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Product Overview

We are now offering the option to custom a bar to whatever fragrance(s) you choose. You can blend and mix fragrances. Base price is $40 for a loaf however depending on the fragrances you choose to add the price may go up from there.

PLEASE NOTE: Loaf will be uncut and delivery will be longer than normal because we will make them fresh. For Best results let the loaf set for a few days upon receiving it for it to harden some. (The longer it sets - the harder it gets and the longer the bars will last)

Angelica American Hero Acerola Berry Flax Seed
Basil Apple Cinnamon Active Charcoal Green Tea
Bay Bite Me Alfalfa Leaf Horsetail
Benzoin Black Cherry Anise Seed Lavender Flowers
Bergamot Buttered Maple Arrowroot Lemongrass
Birch Captive Basil Leaf Orange Peel
Black pepper Carnation Bee Pollen Peppermint
Cajuput Indian Sandalwood Beet Root Poppy Seed
Camphor Christ Memory Black Walnut Hull Red Sandalwood
Cardamom Christmas Splendor Blue Vervain Rose Buds
Carrot seed Crackling Birch Burdock Root Rosemary
Cedarwood Cucumber Melon Calendula Flowers Spearmint
Chamomile, German Deadly Weapon Carrot Thyme
Chamomile, Roman Forbidden Fruit Chamomile flowers  
Cinnamon Fresh Bamboo Cinnamon  
Citronella Gideon Cocoa  
Clary sage Heavenly Comfrey Root  
Clove Honey Almond Cornsilk  
Copaiba Balsm Honeysuckle Cuma Cuma Fruit  
Coriander Jamaica Me Crazy Dandelion Root  
Cypress Warm Vanilla Nutmeg Elder Flower  
Elemi Kiwi Pear Grapefruit Peel  
Eucalyptus Monkey Farts Green Tea  
Fennel Mulberry Hibiscus Flower  
Fir Needle Night Jasmine Kelp  
Frankincense Oklahoma Sunset Lavender flower  
Geranium Passionate Kisses Lemon Peel   
Ginger Perfect Man Milk Thistle  
Grapefruit Pink Watermelon Myrrh Gum  
Helichrysum Pumpkin Pie Nettle Leaf  
Jasmine Pure Serenity Noni Fruit  
Juniper Red Hots Olive Leaf  
Lavender Redneck Okie Orange Peel  
Lemon Reserved Paprika Hugarian  
Lemongrass Rizpah Parsley Leaf  
Lime Rose Silk Passion Fruit  
Mandarin Safari Nights Pomegranate Fruit  
Marjoram Short Stop Pumpkin Seed  
Melissa Something Sexy Pumpkin Seed  
Myrrh South Pacific Red Moroccan Clay  
Neroli Sugared Citrus Reveratrol  
Niaouli Tropical Paradise Rose Clay  
Nutmeg Truly Rosehips  
Orange, Sweet Very Vanilla Safflower Oil  
Oregano Western Sport Spinach Leaf  
Palma rosa White Gardenia Spirulina  
Palo Santo Wild Child St Johns Wort  
Parsley Wild Musk Turmeric  
Patchouli Wild Wild West Yarrow Flowers  
Tea tree      


(No reviews yet) Write a Review
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