Eucalyptus Bath Salt

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Breathe in the sweet and woody scent of eucalyptus and prepare to feel alive. Eucalyptus opens respiratory passages and stimulates the immune system. It feels cool to the skin, but warm and healing to the muscles. For headaches and sinus congestion. Mix a drop of eucalyptus with a pea-sized amount of lotion. Apply a small dot of mixture to temples, the brow ridge, and sides of your nose. Avoid getting it into eyes. For insect bites or scratches. Mix one drop of eucalyptus with a pea-sized amount of cocoa butter or antibiotic ointment. Dab on bites or scratches. For colds and sinus congestion. Boil two cups of spring water or distilled water. Add no more than two drops of oil to water. Place the water mix in front of you and drape a towel over your head. Lightly breathe in steam through your nose for five minutes. Repeat no more than twice per day. For muscle aches. Mix one drop of oil with a pea-sized amount of lotion. Rub into sore muscles. Only use on one small area at a time. Do not use for an entire back, leg, or full-body massage. This oil is potent and can be poisonous when too much is used. If you experience nausea, vomiting, or respiratory distress, discontinue use and call your doctor or the emergency room. Ingredients: sea salt crystals, grapeseed oil, essential oils